Ever since Brian and Nova met in 2000, they knew they had something special.  Both are driven and passionate with a constant thirst for knowledge.  Brian has the entrepreneurial spirit to come up with great ideas and Nova has the persistence to bring them into reality.  Together they have charted the course of their lives built around the single dream of owning their own vineyard, initiated by Brian who now famously stated “It can’t be that hard!”



Nova started towards that dream by learning all she could about vineyards and by extension, winemaking. She transferred to Cornell in the fall of 2004 to be part of their newly introduced Viticulture and Enology undergraduate program. During her time in the Finger Lakes she worked with Thirsty Owl Wine Company and went on to graduate in 2006 as one of the first Viticulture majors from Cornell. She and Brian moved to CA in 2006 and after several years, they moved up to the North Coast to work with Ed Killian, Head winemaker for Chateau Souverain and Director of Winemaking at Asti Winery. Ed was an important mentor, allowing Nova to explore her own talents and organizing opportunities for her to work with other amazing winemakers in CA. Concurrently, Nova began work one of the world’s most difficult and exclusive wine certifications, the Master of Wine, which she received in 2017. 

Between the exposure to some of the world’s greatest winemaking talent and the intense study for the MW, Nova rapidly became a creative and resourceful winemaker with skill and knowledge to understand the best vineyards.  This clearly showed once she began to work with To Kalon vineyard while working as red winemaker for Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville, CA. It was this success which led to Wine Enthusiast naming Nova one of the Top 40 under 40 in 2014.  As fate would have it, Nova was not meant to stay at the iconic winery and was asked to move back to the Finger Lakes to become Director of Winemaking at Constellation’s Canandaigua Winery. Once there, she and Brian knew it was time to begin to work in earnest on their own wines and the result was Trestle Thirty-One. Nova runs the winemaking, vineyard sourcing, and marketing areas of Trestle Thirty One.


Brian is the visionary behind he and Nova’s dream to start their own vineyard. His love of nature and the outdoors drew him to major in Forestry and Natural Resources Management at SUNY-Environmental Science and Forestry. After moving to CA in 2006, he started working of one of the world’s largest dairy companies however once he and Nova moved up to Napa in 2009, he landed a job in the wine industry managing warehouse movements and strategy for Treasury Wine Estates. His analytical mind and business savvy quickly made him a valuable asset and he moved up the ladder in different departments. 

Eventually, he landed as the Senior Analyst of Business and Capabilities for Treasury’s North American operations. After several years, he moved to work with Jean Charles Boisset where he worked on merger and acquisitions as well as business strategy and planning. Once they were asked to move back to the Finger Lakes, Brian worked as a business consultant and then as a Finance Manager for Constellation in their operations finance group. Brian runs the business side of Trestle Thirty-One, including business strategy, product costing, and regulatory affairs.