Praise for Our Riesling

Joe Roberts of reviewed our first release:

For Riesling lovers, the last four years in particular have been a good time to be alive.

On one side of the shiny Riesling-fine-wine-world-market coin, Europe’s traditional flag-bearing regions of that grape been performing well; on the other side, we’ve seen the emergence of up-and-coming areas that, while far from wine-drinking household names, undoubtedly have potential.

In the middle of those extremes, we are witnessing the coming of age of what for years were Riesling-producing regions sometimes derided as being in “maybe they’re just also-rans?” category. Finger Lakes, I’m looking at you.

For the full review, head over to Joe’s site to read what he said. While you’re there, be sure to check out his incredible knowledge and resources!

Sean Lukasik